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Anti Major Media

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

Anti Major Media


Someone recently made mention of all of the anti corporation talk within the LPAM interest community. And said this "Why can't there be room for everyone?"


Then in another post in response to that comment this was said. "Why can't the major corporation media make room for us?"


Why can't there be room for everyone? Well LPAM in this petition makes room for everyone. However everyone means people. A corporation may be able to spin itself off in the courts as being a person when it is an entity. However, entities are not people and so, entities are not within the scope of someone or everyone. Corporations are also not a part of the We The People. A corporation is a thing and not a person or one of the people. Hence we are looking at real people and not at impersonal things in the scope of LPAM. And so we do include everyone herein the views of this LPAM petition. We include all real life people in this.


Anyways, what does a corporation need with a little old 10 watt radio station? Really now?


Where We The People do not have a voice in their forums. And are censored from speaking and being upon their broadcast or else if allowed to appear, do so at the expense of spin doctoring and maligning our character in a nationwide manner while under the clutches of such people as Sean Hannity or Bill O Riley.


It appears that the major media has monopolized the airwaves and the market place of ideas. And so, the messages of we the people and our interest are censored and edited out of their owner ship of the airwaves. And so, with their vast financial resources they virtually do own the airwaves.


It is somewhat offensive for someone who is interested in the major corporations having a place in LPAM coming along and trying to foster a view on behalf of the major media and their corporation owners. When all they want is to be included in LPAM but they will not promote or aid it's establishment. Only try to ride in on a white horse and reap the benefits that we the people have set forth in the LPAM proposal. We do not intend on including major media or the corporations at anytime in our discussion of LPAM. This is radio for we the people.


We do intend upon including non mainstream sources of media. Such as alternative media networks which are a grass roots sorts of we the people networks. If it is not FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Clear Channel Communications, Disney, etc. Then it is not mainstream. And so, as far as any station wanting to have a network to utilize for broadcast sources, there really is no lack of budding grass roots networks. And so there is no need for or use for the major network media in the view of those interested in LPAM.


It should however be noted that this does not define the media content that a LPAM station may carry. There is no such thing as not having some major media broadcasters on the LPAM airwaves. If a station wanted to carry Rush Limbaugh and got permission to do so. That is the business of the LPAM station owner. This site nor it's LPAM Rule Making Petition is not interested in defining content and specifying content. And so, do not construe the lack of major media licensing in LPAM with content censorship. This is the land of Freedom of Speech. Hence this is more balanced and more fair in terms of equity, than the major media gives we the people in the market place of ideas.


However within the major media you do have content censorship that the major media imposes on itself by censoring out alternative voices. You must weigh that in the balances of the issues at stake here in the ideas for a, we the peoples owned medium. On FOX and other networks, if anyone does not see things they way they want them to, then those souls are spun off as being part of a lunatic fringe or nut cases. Hence allot of spin doctoring and character maligning occurs when the major media wants to control the opinions of the masses. Drawing a shadow over a dissenters character. However that really is allot of acts of libel they are involved in, if one wanted to press the matter.


"Do Not Forget! Remember!"

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