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Broadcast Antennas

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We have a site under development, devoted to the Medium Wave Broadcast Antenna. Such antennas have problems on the Medium Wave Band with low height and not enough radiation resistance.


The site details all the views you will need to construct an effective antenna. We have some new designs that battle the problems of Medium Wave. And some new ground radial system information so that you can make the best use of technology and analysis to build a more effective ground system to reduce ground losses.


The aim of the antenna designs where for optimizing the science of antenna design and analysis to create new antennas that overcome the losses that exist with heights of 50 foot and less. The antenna designs that you may obtain at the site are proprietary designs and are the property of Wavelengths Research. You have to buy the data in order to obtain the specifics for construction. And this is the way it is since we have to recover our research and design time. However, you will not be able to obtain antennas any better than those we have.


The views of our designs is for pushing the envelope in terms of making low height antennas work with the ground and not against it. And we have some of the highest gains in dBi terms along with some very good channel bandwidths. And we have designs that are near 50 ohms feed point resistance also. Which is not ordinary for Medium Wave. And this means that this design has a high radiation resistance. And so it is a gold mine in Medium Wave antenna design.


Well as we go along we will install all of the site features. And it will be a site that is educational for you to browse around at and it will provide you with allot of free information. And help give you and idea of what you will need to construct an antenna for the LPAM type of service.


The new antenna designs began simply by the study of antennas for use in LPAM at 50 foot heights. And to answer some questions about the nature of antennas best suited for LPAM. And so, some new designs emerged with time.

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