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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago

Ok Done!


I finished the Part 15.219(b) Suggestions for Rule Making. To allow for a more efficient antenna system. You can download a copy here:


Part 15.219(b) Suggestions for Rule Making


I will continue to review the text for corrections that may have escaped my eyes and only make those changes as needed. So it will remain as it reads now.


Those of you who wish to support the cause of this Rule Making Petition, and sign on with your signatures. Should go to the LPAM group at Yahoo and join with the rest of the various advocacy groups and forums who meet there. Quite a few parties check in there. We need as many interested parties and or advocacy groups such as Part15.us members also. So weigh in and lets make some new FCC rules.




So copy this url down!


There are a few attorneys there who are LPAM'ers at the group. Part 15 station owners, etc. Who have already filed previous comments and petitions who can pick up this petition and sponsor it with their signatures and cover page. As well as your signature which is merely you name and address added to the text documents. You do not have to physically hand sign anything, just add you text name and address here from online means. But you will have to wait until them fellows read and get stirred and pick things up. You know, being it is the Holidays now. So you can go there and comment and suggest they stir up and sponsor this. They do have the petition there now to look over.


For now you should read the draft and note it's contents. And ponder what can be done with it. I mean if others wants to pick it up and sponsor it.


I reviewed the definitions and terms so I made sure I did not cross terms. Not confusing one thing with another. It takes awhile to catch on to the FCC terms. So I hope it reads right, like it should. And as I said I will continue to review it for refinements in spellings as I note them.


Near the end of the document is an interesting software designed antenna for you. The base loaded SSTRAN antenna only calculates to be 3% efficient when run through the software. Which is way more efficient than the radiator of 15.219(b) as is in the current rule. And naturally is a better antenna than the rule specifies. (Based upon a ground radial system of 1 ohm.) The antenna herein designed with software is 15.79% efficient. So some of you might find that interesting. 5 times more efficient than the SSTRAN. And I like the SSTRAN concept, I think it is good.


Anyways, looking for supporters and sponsors!


Merry Christmas!

Daniel Jackson

WHHR 1680 kHz


URL of Petition:



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