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Helping LPAM

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

How can you advocate and support LPAM?


1. Carry a link to this site so that others can find it and read about whats up!


2. Keep yourself informed by becoming a part of the LPAM and LPFM interest groups to glean information and to stay abreast of developments.


3. When it comes time to submit the petition for LPAM Rule making herein. You can go to the FCC's comment page we will have a link to and weigh in with your comments on the petition and the needs for LPAM. And hence cast your vote of support. Stay tuned here for the link when the time comes.


5. For our needs, for the duration of this petition project. You may contribute to us here at this site for our labor and processing needs, as well as for the services we may procure in due course of this mission.


6. If you happen to be an attorney and wish to pick up and file our petition when the time comes. Please consider doing so. You can contribute your services to the cause. Write any required briefs, ect.


&. We advocate that anyone interested in picking up our petition draft and using it as is, if you feel completely in agreement with it. And filing it on your interest's behalf. The same petition can be used and filed by different parties. Or be used as a format for other petitions later if required. If you use any part of this petition in another draft, please make sure to credit the author of this petition in your references. The original statements are copyright and so please make mention of the author.


Note: our mission here is not expected to go as far as two or three years from the time we begin our research here. So our needs for your contributions will need to be submitted in this time frame. If the petition submission fails, we will allow others to borrow what good ideas they like from it's format and submit one of their submission ideas. For this time being this is the project at hand. And the production of the petition and it's filing and your support to weigh in on it is the name of the game here.

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